You’re out with friends enjoying your backyard and beautiful weather without a care in the world––nothing could ruin your mood! But then you suddenly feel that unmistakable stinging itch – if you’re unlucky, you may start to itch several places on your body. A mosquito has chosen to make a meal out of you, and you’ll be dealing with the consequences for the next few days.Mosquito bites are typically nothing more than an annoyance, but the painful bumps they leave behind are irritating and can turn into scabs. In rare cases, dangerous diseases like malaria, Zika virus, and dengue fever are transmitted by mosquitoes.So how do you avoid mosquito bites? Read on to find out.

Use Insect Repellent

Most insect repellents include DEET, lemon-eucalyptus oil, and picaridin, which are all ingredients that mosquitoes don’t find attractive. Check the ingredients before using an insect repellent, especially if you have sensitive skin. Most insect repellents protect you for up to eight hours, which is a perfect solution for a one-time event.

Avoid Standing Water

Did you know mosquitoes breed in stagnant water? What’s stagnant water? Water that sit still and not moving like puddles, swamps, etc. Check your home or business for any outdoor areas with even a few inches of water, because mosquitoes lay eggs in any water they find. If you’re at an event and notice standing water nearby, take heed and stay as far away as you can.

Wear Long Sleeves And Pants

If you’re looking to avoid mosquito bites, this is one of the simplest ways. While this can be uncomfortable on a hot summer day it is the saferst. They’re attracted to human blood, and it’s much harder to get to your skin if you’re wearing long sleeves and long pants. If you’re going to be outside in a mosquito-prone area, it’s best to leave the shorts and flip-flops at home.

Call In The Experts

The most effective way to avoid mosquito bites is to implement a long-term solution by calling The Mosquito Guy. Did you know that The Mosquito Guy now has two locations to serve you better? That’s right along with our North Attleboro location we are now offering Cape Cod Mosquito Control and Cape Cod Tick Control to Cape Cod MA.

Keep yourself, your family and your pets safer! Have your yard sprayed by the mosquito guy!

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