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Mosquito Control in MA: How Our Services Help Your Town

When temperatures go up and the sun goes down, mosquitoes come out for their next meal, and you may find yourself running for cover. Did you know you don't have to become their next meal?  There are better ways to handle these pesky pests. Mosquito spray services from The Mosquito Guy can get rid of mosquitoes from your back yard so

Enjoy A Mosquito Free Yard Again with Mosquito Guy’s Exceptional Mosquito Control Services

Mosquito Guy is Massachusetts’ & Rhode Island’s leader in tick and mosquito control. They offer top notch mosquito control services that will help you take back your yard If you’re tired of battling annoying mosquitoes in your backyard all summer long, there is a simple and effective solution available to you. Mosquito Guy is proud to offer the best mosquito

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West Nile virus found in Attleboro

As Seen in The Sun Chronicle ATTLEBORO — A mosquito infected with West Nile virus has been found in the city, prompting a warning from the health department. Health Agent Alan Perry said residents who are very young, very old, or who have deficiencies in their immune system should take precautions by wearing long sleeves and pants, eliminating standing water

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Mass. seeing surge in mosquito population

As Seen On Boston Fox25 People are "bugging out" in Massachusetts over the mosquito population. It's no coincidence it feels like there are more mosquitoes this year. “We're getting a lot of calls from first-time homeowners who've never had to have their property treated,” said Kathy Smargedlis of Mosquito Joe Pest Control. Related Headlines Mosquitoes test positive for West Nile

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A Tick’s Life Cycle

While ticks can be active all year round, we are at our greatest risk during the summer.  Once the warm weather hits, so do the ticks, and they will begin hunting for their next meal immediately. In order to combat tick encounters and the harmful diseases that they can potentially spread, we need to better understand their life cycles, from

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The Best Mosquito Control Company MA & RI Is By The Mosquito Guy

The Best Mosquito Control Company MA & RI Is By The Mosquito Guy Mosquito season is here, and there is no doubt that Massachusetts and Rhode Island are buzzing with questions about mosquito services and prevention. While you may have questions such as “where do mosquitoes breed, or how to prevent mosquito bites,” Don't Worry! The Mosquito Guy is