Mosquito Season Myths

What you eat affects you being bit People often say that eating foods with garlic or high percentages of Vitamin B can help lower your chances of being bit, but Cope says there is no scientific evidence to support this claim. In reality, how attracted a mosquito is to you can depend on factors like how much carbon dioxide you omit or how quick your metabolism is. Citronella candles will protect [...]

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When Should You Spray For Mosquitos

Did you know that local mosquito populations can range in size from region to region and even from neighborhood to neighborhood. The main factors leading to larger than average mosquito populations are standing or slow-moving water, tall grasses, shrubbery, or low branches. Female mosquitoes lay their eggs in the calmest water they can find, and they’re not selective! Tall grasses and abundant shrubbery block airflow in your yard, creating [...]

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Preparing For Mosquito Season

It can be tough to 100% predict when mosquitos will make an appearance so really the only things we can do is to discourage them from breeding. This can be done by eliminating any standing water in your backyard, around the house, or in gutters and ditches. Typically during the spring is the start of mosquito season, so this is the time to begin control methods such as traps [...]

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Add Mosquito Prevention to Your Wedding To Do List

While you may not be thinking of attending a wedding in the near future with the cold we have been experiencing, this time of year a lot of couples are getting engaged. That means they start thinking about and planning their wedding. A wedding is typically one of the most memorable events in an individual’s life. The way that their spouse looks walking down the aisle, all parties dressed [...]

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Mosquito 101

You probably know by now that mosquitoes are annoying, and that they could potentially pass on an unwanted virus to you, but did you know these other facts listed below? Test yourself and see how many you already knew! Wearing dark clothing will make you an easier target. Those beady eyes can only see so much, and wearing easily identifiable colors like black or royal blue will make you [...]

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What Happens to Mosquitos In During The Winter?

Like all insects, mosquitos are cold-blooded creatures which means that they are incapable of regulating their body heat. This means that their body temperature is essentially the same as their surroundings. Mosquitoes actually function best when at 80 degrees F, and tend to become lethargic at 60 degrees F, they actually cannot function below 50 degrees F. If you live or visit tropical areas then be expected to see [...]

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