Frequently Asked Questions About Mosquito Guy

Here are a few of commonly asked questions from our customers. If you’re new to using an outdoor pest control service, we’re sure you have a lot of questions to ask. If you’d like to know anything not listed below, give us a call at (508)695-2894

Our mosquito barrier sprays are designed to last a minimum of two weeks. Our time-tested sticker agent, which can be added to all our controlled sprays for improved protection, withstands even the hardest rains and allows the barrier to remain in effect until your next scheduled spray. The guaranteed barrier (assuming no applications are skipped) gets stronger as the season goes on.

According to the label of both our organic and control spray options you should wait 30 min before returning to the yard. This will allow the spray to dry and settle out of the air. If it is a cloudy day, an additional 30 min may be required to allow the spray to dry.

We spray all areas of activity such as around pools, patios, decks, swing sets, wood lines, play areas, etc. A licensed technician will do a customized assessment of your property at your first visit and determine where he should be spraying to keep you and your family mosquito and tick free.
Yes. Our The Mosquito Guy barrier sprays smells like garlic, cedar, and citronella depending on which product was used. A lot of our customers say that “it smells like an Italian restaurant” when we do the garlic spray.
After 30 to 60 minutes the smell dissipates and becomes odorless. The garlic spray tends to smell longer than sprays that we spray with other products.
We text the day before we are going to come out and do the first spray of the year. After that, it is up to you: We can text you a day ahead before every spray or we can just show up and spray on schedule.
Yes. We service restaurants with outdoor seating, parks, recreational facilities, and many other outdoor spaces. We are happy to serve businesses, organizations, municipalities and government agencies.
Maybe. No service can offer 100% protection from every mosquito and tick. As you can imagine, a mosquito from a neighboring property could wander into your yard and bite you before feeding on the treated foliage. However, you’ll find that the presence of mosquitoes and ticks is enormously reduced. You can expect a 95-100% reduction. If at any time you are not satisfied you can cancel with us at any time. Simply notify us by phone 24 hours before your next scheduled service and The Mosquito Guy will refund you the cost of any remaining treatments.

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