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Tick Control Spray Company in MA & RI

mosquito guy tick control ma rii

mosquito guy tick control ma ri

The Mosquito Guy also offers season long tick control company in Southeastern Massachusetts. A specially trained, licensed technician will visit your property throughout the tick season to apply our specially formulated tick control company and mosquito control company in Foxboro MA, Mansfield MA and RI. We can either do a spray containing only organic materials or we can do a spray containing control materials which will provide better results. The choice is yours, both products work great!
This spray will help to put an end to all the worrying about Lyme disease and give you and your family more peace of mind. The price of the program is determined by the size of the areas that we will be treating. Our tick control spray is applied to all turf and wood lines and will kill ticks on contact. Live tick free! “Take your yard back!”

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