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Great prices, Great customer service
These guys are great!!With two dogs, kids, and grandkids, we love to be outside whenever it's nice. Haven't had a tick on either dog in the past 3 years!! Mosquitoes are also VERY rarely an issue.We will continue to use the service inuears to come. Kids have moved out and are using them at their houses, too!!! Keep up the good work. 👍
Back yard enjoyment has returned!! Even with neighbors who do not spray, we rarely ever see a mosquito. It works!!
We’ve been using The Mosquito Guy for about four years and we will continue to do so until all mosquitoes are gone from this planet! We have regained our backyard thanks to The Mosquito Guy. Thank you!
This company does great work and keeps your yard protected from pests. They are very easy to deal with and accommodating. They will always let you know before coming and make sure to do a diligent job with there spraying!! Don’t look anywhere else but here to have a pest free yard!!!
I used them for two years now. Last year I had absolutely no mosquitoes in the yard. Excellent service. Highly recommended.Update 11/28/2023 Still using them every season now and the results are no mosquitoes in the yard.
Outstanding! Great prices, great service! Goes above and beyond. Highly recommended!
Mosquito Guy is by far the best! You always get a heads up that they're coming and they never disappoint!! If there ever is an issue they respond almost immediately. We have a large property and spend a lot of time outside mosquito and tick free because of them !! I am absolutely recommending this business as the go to for all your outdoor needs. They're the BEST !
Writing this response for my parents who use this service: “The Mosquito Guy is so professional, responsive to my questions, and truly understands the needs of our property. We highly recommend their service!”
Great service! We have not seen a single skeet all summer. We had 2 big parties this summer and they went out of their way to spray before each one. Very happy! Money well spent.
Cannot say enough good things about the professional, effective and thoughtful service provided for the past few years, especially given the challenging weather this past season. Thanks for another great year protecting the property so we could enjoy the outdoors. See you in the Spring. Highly recommend.
Great communication and great price.
They drivers don't pay attention and flip people the bird
Response from the owner: Hi Leslie, thanks for the review! Let us know if we can do anything differently to make that 4 a 5 star rating. Customer satisfaction is our #1 goal!
The office staff are the best!
Very professional and courteous! They texted the day before they were coming with an approximate time. The next day if there were weather issues or changes in treatment time you got a text. I live on a Swamp and normally have 24 hour Mosquitoes, but after treatment I never had a Mosquito or a tick! Super company and best bang for your buck!
Mosquito Guy is the best! They are timely and responsive and provide great protection from mosquitos and ticks- highly effective on our wooded lot! They have great customer service and send friendly text reminders prior to service. Highly recommend!
No question, The Mosquito Guy is the authority in mosquito repellent spraying, South of Boston. This is my second season with them and the quality, professionalism and price is way better than its competitors. In fact, that other company (that uses a man’s name in its title) doesn’t even compare to the value and effectiveness of spraying that The Mosquito Guy provides. I can happily say I would never go back to that company and solely stick with The Mosquito Guy for future seasons.Thanks for another great outdoor living season. 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻💯👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻
Thank you!! We had our yard sprayed the day before my daughter’s outdoor wedding. We had a crazy rainfall an hour before the wedding started and I was nervous the mosquitos would come out in droves. All I can say is no mosquitos! It was a warm August night and our event went to 11 p.m. Our guests remained bite free. Thank you Mosquito Guy!
great people, great service
Amazing product, quick and efficient service, and a great price. We just moved into our home and have a big pond in our backyard, and as soon as the warm weather hit the bugs were unbearable and HUGE. I read about this company on Google, their customer service and communication is on point, and after just one visit we could actually spend time outside. We’ve had three sprays so far (every 2ish weeks) and there’s a noticeable difference as we receive more treatments. They’ll definitely get our business again next year!
Very professional!!! Always get a reminder text when coming out to spray. Did not see one bug or tick all season!!!!
My wife and I purchased our home about five years ago, we live in a wooded area that is very close to a swamp. Within a week, we were literally being attacked by mosquitoes, to the point that once the late afternoon came, we wouldn't go outside unless it was to take our dog out. I made the initial mistake of hiring Terminix. I am sure some people have had great experiences, but ours was frustrating and dissatisfying. Long story short about Terminix, multiple times we were told they were coming out, then they would no show for weeks, with no communication. When someone would come out, half the time, they did an okay job and others, it seemed as if nothing was even done. Finally, decided to look elsewhere and found The Mosquito Guy. I LITERALLY CANNOT SAY ENOUGH GOOD THINGS ABOUT THIS BUSINESS!!!!!! Their communication is absolutely incredible, and beyond friendly. They always alert me to when they are coming out, the day before, with a personable and pleasant text message. I never have to chase them to come out like I did Terminix. They come out every 2-3 weeks, as promised. The product they use works great, and we are able to finally enjoy our yard. They allow you to do installments, and are very clear and up front of the date the payment will come out and the exact amount. Nowadays, it is so difficult to find a business that is just a joy to deal with and that you really and truly can depend on. They make being a client so effortless, and I am beyond grateful that we found them. If you need help with getting rid of mosquitoes...they are the company you need to call!!! Do not even hesitate, because you just don't get better! THE BEST!!!!
Mosquito Guy has been treating our yard for 10 years, we abut wetlands, have a pool & koi pond never have a problem with the mosquitoes because of the continuous treatment from the Mosquito Guy !
What great service! Very responsive and professional. I don’t know what I would do without The Mosquito Guy in my life.
The Mosquito Guy rules!!
Mosquito Guy is great! They are reliable and professional. It is so nice to go in the yard and not have to worry about getting attacked by mosquitos.
The Mosquito Guy was perfect, they sprayed right before a garden wedding, and everything was perfect! Everyone commented on how it was not buggy, and our guest were outside till 1am. i would recommend Mosquito Guy.
Immediately solved our mosquito problem. Highly recommend. With young kids and a couple of dogs this was a no brainer. Our first summer in our new home was not pleasant due to an abundance of mosquitos. The Mosquito Guy solved the problem after just a few sprays. They also provided us with essential information to prevent mosquitos from laying eggs on our property. My wife noticed the added bonus of less moths and Japanese beetles while sitting outside at night with the porch and flood lights on. We'll be customers for life.
Sean does an excellent job. Great service.
Came to my home when I was home with my children. The man was there for not even 5 minutes. I called and questioned that service and was told by some young girl not to worry about it after calling numerous times. The amount of money I pay for the Mosquito Guy's service is ridiculous. Poor customer service and the product didn't even work.
Response from the owner: Karen I'm sorry you experienced this terrible customer service. However, we have no record of you as a customer. Could you please double check your receipts etc and make sure you have the right Mosquito company? As you know reviews are a big part of our business and having a negative review for a service we didn't perform. Thank you for your time.
I have used different companies in the past and for the last two years I have used the mosquito guy. I sign up at the beginning for the whole season.They constantly come out when they are supposed to, and do an excellent job. The are very thorough. If I have any questions or concerns or special areas to be done, I would mention it to the technician when they come out and they take care of it. I would not hesitate to use them for seasons to come. Bill.
Response from the owner: Brenda thank you for this wonderful review. We appreciate you taking the time to review.
Mosquito Guy allows us to enjoy our yard carefree. We have been working with Tom even before he opened this company (when he was employed elsewhere). We appreciate his honesty and candid opinion about what is best for our family and property.
The Mosquito Guys are great!! Thanks for everything. Jerry is a class act too. I wouldn’t go with any of the local competitors.Catch you next season. 😎JonEaston, MA
Response from the owner: Thank you! We love Jerry too! See you soon!
The Mosquito Guy provides an excellent service. They always text you ahead of time. They are very thorough in their sraying and we are extremely satisfied with the results. We can honestly say that we have had a mosquito and tick free yard since using them. Well worth the money.
Response from the owner: Thank you Kathleen. We appreciate you taking the time to write this.
If I could give a (10) star, I would !!Mosquito Guy and his crew were AMAZING!We live in a wet area. Never-mind the mosquitoes, they were bad enough but every-time we let our dogs out, they would come back with 1 or 2 ticks EVERYTIME!We tried everything under the sun from those box stores to rid our yard from these pests.Finally, we found The Mosquito Guy!From the 1st application, we had great results! The 1st!!I won't use anyone else.
Response from the owner: Chris we appreciate you taking the time to write. We look forward to seeing you again soon!
Very responsive and very professional. I've used this company the last few years and they are great to work with.
Our first year using The Mosquito Guy and as positive as the referrals promised. We figured 2020 not the year to mess with tick or mosquito borne disease. They always gave a heads up at least a day before when planning to spray. Also responsive when an extra spraying requested related to outdoor plans and/or extra wet weather. See you next year. Thank you.
I love doing business with The Mosquito Guy. It is a great local company! The customer service is great. I get a reminder text every few weeks letting me know they will be out the following day to spray my yard. They come and spray as promised. My yard is free of mosquitoes and ticks. I highly recommend Tom the Mosquito Guy.
This was our first year with Mosquito Guy and it certainly won't be the last. Previous years our old provider left us feeling defeated by their poor customer service and treatments. The Mosquito Guy customer service and service in general is top notch. We've been able to spend a lot of time outside this year without being eaten alive. Every treatment is left with specifics about what is being used and any other important information regarding our service. Worth every penny!
Works great. One day say great results. Very good customer service too
We have used this service for several years and have no troubling mosquitos and we live near wetlands
We have lived here for 20 years and this is the first summer we didn't have to use mosquito repellent when we went outside. The guys that came to spray were super nice. Will definitely use again next year.
Four years later and still an avid customer! They take time to give you the best service possible whether it's spraying all of the bushes and trees to around your fire pit. They come at the right amount of frequency as we never see a mosquito before they are ready to spray again. Thanks so much for your consistency at doing an awesome job!!Living with a swamp in your backyard makes it difficult to enjoy the outside whether in the front or back. We have used The Mosquito Guy going on three years now and have not seen even one mosquito between sprays. They spray often and if too much rain will come out and spray again. Thank you to them for keeping us from becoming involuntary blood donors to the thousands of mosquitos around us.
Response from the owner: Thanks Shannon!
Nice to have a back yard that you can actually use. Thanks to mosquito guy.I noticed twofay he spent more time around my fire pit realizing that we will be using it soonForget the rest use the best.Mosquito guy !!!
We have been using The Mosquito Guy for sometime now and they are always professional and care about their customers...one time they had come out to spray it rained for two days straight and when I text them to ask him if they could come out and respray they were great and they did. I would recommend anyone to use their service!!!!
They are the best! After the unexpected death of my husband last winter I cancelled their services for this spring BUT after realizing I need their services in mid July they were so kind and considerate of my situation. I have no mosquito problems in my very densely wooded large property. Don’t hire any other company!
The Mosquito Guy has been great. Very dependable and always shows up when they say they will. Couldn’t ask for better, A+ Mosquito Guy!