Take Your Yard Back, Be Mosquito-Free! The Mosquito Guy was created to give homeowners in Southeastern Massachusetts an effective way to control mosquitoes and ticks and the dangerous diseases that they transmit. We are NOT a franchise. We are a locally owned and operated small business.

Are pesky mosquitoes and ticks ruining your outdoor enjoyment? With an increased number of Lyme Disease cases in the area and recent cases of EEE, West Nile Virus, it has never been more important to keep your family safer from these disease-spreading insects. As Massachusetts & Rhode Island’s leader in organic tick control and mosquito control, The Mosquito Guy offers top-of-the-line services that will help you take your yard back. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff can help you select the program that’s right for you and optimize your pest control services.

We service your property with our specially-formulated mosquito barrier spray approximately every 2 to 3 weeks (weather permitting).

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  • We Spray More Than the Competition, Every 2-3 Weeks (Weather Permitting)
  • We Offer Both Control and Organic Options
  • Combined We Have Over 20 Years’ Experience in The Industry
  • 150+ 5 Star Reviews On Google
  • We Offer Referral Rewards
  • Guaranteed Results
  • We Spray Where the Competition Doesn’t
  • Fully Licensed and Insured
  • We Offer Payment Plans
  • We’re Affordable
  • We Text You the Night Before We’re Coming
  • We Provide Exceptional Customer Service
  • We Use The Best Products and the Best Spray Equipment
  • We Give Back To The Community

  • We Have A Mascot – Skeeta Is The Best

  • We Shop Local Too!

Commercial & Municipalities: The Mosquito Guy is ideal for controlling mosquitoes and ticks on any private business, municipality, park or recreation areas, and commercial properties.

Events & Weddings: There is nothing worse for an outdoor event like a wedding, graduation or party than annoying mosquitoes. It can be stressful just planning the event but planning around pesky mosquitoes is even more difficult. Keep your event scheduled as planned with help from the The Mosquito Guy.

Our specially trained and licensed technicians are trained to do one thing: get rid of mosquitoes and ticks. Thank you for considering the The Mosquito Guy as your #1 choice for organic mosquito control and tick control. “Take your yard back!”


Guaranteed Spray

A licensed and trained technician will show up to spray our specially formulated barrier sprays approximately every 14 to 21 days (weather permitting)…

Tick Control

The Mosquito Guy also offers season long tick control in Southeastern Massachusetts. A specially trained, licensed technician…

Events & Weddings

Special events are better when the The Mosquito Guy is on the guest list. Time has proven that existing mosquito control products…

Commercial & Municipalities

The Mosquito Guy is ideal for controlling mosquitoes and ticks on any private business, municipality, park or recreation areas…

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Mosquito Guy provides organic mosquito control and organic tick control services to residents of Massachusetts & Rhode Island Areas.

The best way to reduce mosquitoes and ticks in your backyard is by signing up for professional mosquito control service like The Mosquito Guy. If the nuisance of ticks and mosquitoes prevents you from being outdoors and doing what you enjoy, The Mosquito Guy has got your solution for tick and mosquito yard treatment. The mosquito and tick problem seems to increase every year, so it’s important to make sure your family is protected from the diseases and viruses caused by mosquitoes and ticks for the entire season.

The Mosquito Guy provides mosquito pest control services for residential areas, commercial properties, or special outdoor events. Their treatments fight mosquitoes and ticks with guaranteed results. They offer flexible packages and programs designed to accommodate every budget, and every job is done with excellent professionalism.

The Mosquito Guy applies the best products to all of the places mosquitoes can be found in your yard. These products not only destroy the mosquitoes that are already breeding but also continue to work to deplete them all together.

The Mosquito Guy invests extensive training to understand the best way to take care of mosquitoes in a variety of situations. Each year, owner Tom Raposa, attends a summit in Florida to learn all of the newest and best technologies to combat these pests. These trainings also provide The Mosquito Guy with new chemistries for their solutions and with the knowledge to be your local mosquito control company experts!

Mosquito bites can irritate the skin long after you have initially been bitten. They not only cause skin irritations such as allergies and dry skin but mosquito bites can also cause diseases such as West Nile. Don’t let mosquitoes ruin the time you spend with family and friends in your backyard. Help protect yourself and your loved ones from uncomfortable and potentially dangerous mosquito bites with The Mosquito Guy’s Mosquito and Tick Control Services.