Four Easy Tips To Reduce Mosquitos

You’re in your backyard with your friends enjoying the Massachusetts or Rhode Island scenery without a care in the world––nothing could ruin your day! But then all of a sudden you feel that little prick and see that tiny little bug. A mosquito has chosen you as their prey, and you’ll be dealing with that itch for the next few days. Mosquito bites are typically nothing more then itchy little painful bumps. Additionally, dangerous diseases like the Zika virus can be transmitted by mosquitoes. Therefore it is really important you do everything you can do to get rid of them on your property.

Use Insect Repellent

Most insect repellents include DEET, lemon-eucalyptus oil, and picaridin, which are all ingredients that mosquitoes can’t stand. Check the bottle for the ingredients before using a repellent, especially if you are dealing with sensitive skin.

Get Rid of Standing Water

Did you know mosquitoes breed in stagnant water? Check your property for any outdoor areas with even an inch of water, because mosquitoes lay eggs in any amount of water they find. If you have an area on your property that continuously has a puddle in it, do everything you can to get rid of it.

Wear Long Sleeves And Pants

If you’re looking to avoid mosquito bites whether in your own yard or a friends, this is one is a no brainer. They’re attracted to animal blood, and it’s much harder to get to your skin if you’re wearing long sleeves and long pants. If you’re going to be outside in a mosquito heavy area, it’s best to leave the shorts in your drawer.

Get Rid of Your Mosquitoes

The most effective way to avoid mosquito bites is to implement a long-term solution by calling in the Mosquito Guy. Don’t let these annoying and harmful insects ruin your next BBQ. Stop the itch and help rid your backyard of mosquitoes, fleas, and ticks today. The best way for you to attain mosquito control is to hire The Mosquito Guy and sign up for our mosquito control services and while you’re at it you mine as well protect you and your loved ones from ticks as well and get your yard sprayed with our tick control services as well.

Sign up with The Mosquito Guy today to take your yard back fill out the form on this page today for a free consultation!

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