The Mosquito Guy has Excellent Reviews

Entertaining guests is an activity many of The Mosquito Guy’s customers love. From hosting outdoor parties, neighborhood get-togethers and barbecues, The Mosquito Guy makes these events more enjoyable by guaranteeing a mosquito-free occasion. This is why The Mosquito Guy’s and its mosquito squad have a long list of satisfied customers.

Another happy customer wrote: “We’ve used this company for 3 years and are very happy with the service. Tom and his crew are very pleasant and easy to work with. They text before they are coming so you can bring kids/pets inside at that time, and they have been very reliable. The only time they have rescheduled for me is if the weather is not good to spray. We had a large yard (about .75 acres) on a 2 acre lot that was heavily wooded. They sprayed all yard space, deck area, and about 10-15 feet into the woodline. There was a huge improvement on ticks – virtually no ticks on our three dogs. There was a drastic improvement on mosquitoes too, but we still had some.”

“We’d get eaten alive before we started spraying because we have dense woods all around our house. After, we were able to spend more time outside working or playing in the yard, having dinners on the deck or enjoying the pool more. I don’t think it’s reasonable to expect 100% of the mosquitoes gone, but I can say it definitely helped a lot. I felt the costs were reasonable – we always paid up front for the season, because you get a bit of a discount. Considering they come every other week from April/May through early/mid October, it is well worth the expense to protect your yard.”

Enjoying outdoors is a major priority for all of The Mosquito Guy’s customers. Whether you like to spend quality time with grand kids, play with pets, or tend to a garden, The Mosquito Squad Guy’s technicians make sure to thoroughly treat your outdoor spaces so that you can do what you love peacefully. They realize that having a mosquito-free yard may seem impossible to some, but with The Mosquito Squad Guy your dreams of enjoying the outdoors without mosquito bites can come true. The Mosquito Squad Guy’s technicians will assess every part of your yard to make sure that each problem area is taken care of.mosquito squad complaints, mosquito squad reviews, mosquito squad cost, mosquito control service cost