Have you ever wondered why there seem to be no mosquitos around in the winter? 


A Lot people believe that mosquitos die out in the New England cold weather due to the freezing temperatures. This is a common belief as the lack of mosquito bites leads people to believe that they are either dead. They are actually in a form of  mosquito hibernation which is called over wintering mode hiding out in warm buildings and homes to seek shelter from the cold.


Female mosquitoes bite to use human blood proteins to produce their eggs. Since mosquitoes breed in still water, they stop in the winter because of the freezing water. Even though their reproduction cycle is stopped in the winter,  the eggs that are already laid will remain intact and will rise with the spring regardless of how cold the weather gets. Once the temperature gets above 50 degrees, they hatch, and the process begins again. Female adult mosquitos can lay roughly 1,000 eggs in their life span, and they will carry the same diseases. If one Zika mosquito were to lay eggs, the virus could spread much faster. As such it’s essential to solve this issue before spring comes to prevent a significant population increase.

Get Rid of Your Mosquitos

While you may not be feeling the effects of mosquitoes around Massachusetts or Rhode Island in the winter time, don’t be fooled, they’re still here. For them, winter suspends activity until spring where they reboot. While winter grants us a temporary relief, when the spring comes, they will return at full force and stronger than ever. Cold weather is not a form of mosquito control, but The Mosquito Guy can help get your yard back! Stop the itch and help rid your backyard of mosquitoes, fleas, and ticks today. The best way for you to attain mosquito control is to hire The Mosquito Guy and sign up for our mosquito control services and while you’re at it you mine as well protect you and your loved ones from ticks as well and get your yard sprayed with our tick control services as well.

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