Fall is finally here with cooler temperatures, football season, and pumpkin spice everything. Spending time outside on a sunny fall day should be an enjoyable experience. But for some, they are still experiencing some of the more annoying aspects of the summer, including mosquito bites. Why are some people still prone to getting bit when summer has been officially over for weeks? Let’s take a look at two primary reasons.

It’s Not Cold Enough Yet

The most straightforward reason mosquitos are still around in October is that it isn’t cold enough to kill them yet. Just as ticks become dormant when the temperatures drop to 40 degrees, mosquitos will remain a threat until 50 degrees. A hard frost consisting of several hours of sub-freezing temperatures is required to kill mosquito eggs effectively. So until it’s cool enough to see your breath at night, mosquitoes will be a threat. In an interesting switch, mosquitos are more active during the day in the fall instead of becoming more active at dusk and night during the summer.

Good Environmental Conditions

While most people rightly associate mosquitoes with hot and humid weather, they can thrive in the early fall. A rainy season means more opportunities for pools of standing water. Inattentive homeowners who don’t clear out the gutters on their home, can help to provide an excellent breeding ground for mosquitos.

Here are some popular places where mosquitos can quickly breed:

  1. Pools that are poorly closed with loose covers provide more breeding grounds.
  2. Underneath leaky outdoor faucets.
  3. Birdbaths, flower pots, wheelbarrows, etc.
  4. Leaf piles. The moisture and darkness are ideal for a female mosquito to lay down her nest and deposit her eggs.


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