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A Tick’s Life Cycle

While ticks can be active all year round, we are at our greatest risk during the summer.  Once the warm weather hits, so do the ticks, and they will begin hunting for their next meal immediately. In order to combat tick encounters and the harmful diseases that they can potentially spread, we need to better understand their life cycles, from

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The Best Mosquito Control Company MA & RI Is By The The Mosquito Guy

The Best Mosquito Control Company MA & RI Is By The The Mosquito Guy Mosquito season is here, and there is no doubt that Massachusetts and Rhode Island are buzzing with questions about mosquito services and prevention. While you may have questions such as “where do mosquitoes breed, or how to prevent mosquito bites,” Don't Worry! The The Mosquito

URI expert: Be ‘tick smart’ amid ‘exploding’ prevalence

AS SEEN ON SOUTH COAST TODAY By Jack Perry / Providence Journal Posted May 20, 2018 at 5:14 PMUpdated May 20, 2018 at 5:19 PM The question surfaces around every spring. Will this be a bad year for ticks? “When you live where ticks do, every year is a bad year,” says Thomas D. Mather, director of University of Rhode Island’s Center for Vector-Borne Disease and its TickEncounter Resource Center.

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Expert Warns of ‘Tick Explosion’ This Summer

AS SEEN ON FOX 25 BOSTON MILTON, Mass. - Now that summer is just around the corner, experts are warning ticks will be coming back in full force. One tick expert told Boston 25 News the warmer weather will cause what he called a "tick explosion." The tiny, pesky and possibly harmful arachnids are about to spring into action,

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Mosquito Facts

You probably know by now that mosquitoes are annoying, and that they could potentially pass on an unwanted virus to you, but did you know these other facts listed below? Test yourself and see how many you already knew!1. Wearing dark clothing will make you an easier target.Those beady eyes can only see so much, and wearing easily identifiable colors

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Lyme Disease Awareness- Ella’s Story

Please read this inspriring article about Ella, a little girl diagnosed with chronic lyme disease at age 7 and share with loved ones to raise awareness on prevention and treatment of lyme disease. Every effort must be made to protect and reduce the population of ticks with control programs such as our Mosquito Control Spray, as well as proper tick checks after spending

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