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Animals That Help Control Ticks

Looking for a new pet? When it comes to ticks, it can seem like there is almost no help besides your favorite tick control company The Mosquito Guy. Deer, mice, squirrels, even dogs, man’s best friend, can assist in the spreading of ticks. However, there are only a few animals that  eat ticks. These animals can be extremely beneficial.OpossumsYou may


NOW SPRAYING DENNIS MA AND SURROUNDING AREAS The Mosquito Guy, is excited to announce our mosquito control services is now available in Dennis MA and surrounding areas. Homeowners and business owners in Cape Cod can now benefit from our environmentally responsible, affordable and efficient mosquito and tick control services. The Mosquito Guy location in Dennis MA is our most

Tick Facts

You’ve probably heard of ticks and the dangers they can cause to humans or any other animal for that matter. Tick facts can help you understand how to best control them and the spread of diseases associated with these parasites known for sucking blood from their hosts.. For example, if you suffer a tick bite, you may get infected

How To Prevent Ticks

The spring season is now in full force and before you know it the summer season will be here.  While family head to their summer homes, backyards, and cottages, tick exposure becomes a big threat throughout the Northeast. Ticks are known to live in tall grass and wooded areas and can pose a threat to homeowners, campers and outdoor adventurers

Four Easy Tips To Reduce Mosquitoes In Your Yard

Four Easy Tips To Reduce MosquitosYou’re in your backyard with your friends enjoying the Massachusetts or Rhode Island scenery without a care in the world––nothing could ruin your day! But then all of a sudden you feel that little prick and see that tiny little bug. A mosquito has chosen you as their prey, and you’ll be dealing with

How Our Mosquito Control Services Help Your Town and Community in MA & RI

Mosquito Spray in MA: How Our Mosquito Control Services Help Your Town and Community in MA & RIAs temperatures rise and the sun goes down, mosquitoes are looking for their next meal.  You may find yourself running for cover or your life, literally! There are easier ways to handle your mosquito problems. Mosquito spray services from The Mosquito Guy can rid