The Mosquito Guy is Massachusetts’ & Rhode Island’s leader in tick and mosquito control. They offer top notch mosquito control services that will help you take back your yard

If you’re tired of battling annoying mosquitoes in your backyard all summer long, there is a simple and effective solution available to you. The Mosquito Guy is proud to offer the best mosquito control service on the market. As an experienced outdoor pest control service company, The Mosquito Guy tick control services will transform your yard into the peaceful place you and your family have always dreamed of.

It is very important to protect yourself from the harmful effects caused by mosquito bites. Mosquitoes are the most formidable transmitters of disease in the animal kingdom. They carry diseases that pose serious health threats to your family and your pets. For these reasons, mosquito control company is becoming more important than ever.

Great results are achieved quickly when you hire The Mosquito Guy. They make the whole process easy, from start to finish, so you can enjoy the simple joy of relaxing in your yard again. Whether for home or your business, get started by contacting The Mosquito Guy today.The Mosquito Guy recognizes the importance of understanding mosquito biology and behavior as it relates to effective backyard mosquito control services and application methods. The Mosquito Guy educates their technicians to think like a mosquito and evaluate properties to identify problem areas. This, along with specialized equipment and precise spraying techniques, delivers extraordinary results.

The tick is a blood-sucking parasite that no one wants around. Throughout the past decade, its population has increased at an alarming rate. As ticks spread across Massachusetts & Rhode Island, they bring with them dangerous diseases like Lyme disease which can be easily transmitted to dogs and humans. Ticks are commonly found in wooded or high-grass areas, but they can thrive in any yard where there is grass, shrubbery or leaves on the ground.

There are more than 800 species of ticks, and they exist all over the map. Finding effective means of eliminating ticks probably will involve the use of a chemical pesticide. Knowing the best type to use will help make the process easier.

The Mosquito Guy uses safer, effective, neutral-smelling pesticide that is considered the best product for outdoor use against ticks. The best pesticides can kill and control a variety of pests around the home.  They won’t just kill adult ticks, but also ticks in other life stages so that you will regain control of your home and yard.

The Mosquito Guy bug control will spray the area around the perimeter of your house, working out toward the edge of the property. Ticks have the ability to sense pesticide and will retreat, so starting at the street and working toward the home will increase the number of ticks trying to make their way into your home.