Maximize fresh air indoors, but with a bug proof barrier. It is advised to use a fine mesh screen in all open windows and doors. This allows cross-breezes to enter your house, but the screens’ openings are too small for mosquitoes to permeate.

Consider screening in your porch as well. “Screens are simply the best mosquito-control device you can find,” she says. “They were the original form of pest control, and for good reason.”

If you already have screens, check the seals around the edges and use a patching kit to repair any tears.

Eliminate Standing Water

Mosquitoes reproduce in water and they can do it in even the small amount of water that would fit in a bottle cap. That means it’s imperative to empty outdoor water toys and remove wheelbarrows and other outdoor gear that can catch water after a rainfall. Keep your gutters and drain lines clear of debris—clogged leaves and branches can cause water to pool.

In a mere four days, eggs laid in water mature into nymphs. So if it rains on a Monday, don’t wait until the weekend to get rid of standing water. By then it’ll be too late.

Keep Your Yard Under Control

Use a lawn mower, a string trimmer, or even a chain saw to cut back high grass, brush, and tree limbs. Mosquitoes favor cooler spots in the shade.

By minimizing any tall grass or limbs that cast shadows on your yard, you make the habitat immediately surrounding your home much less appealing to mosquitoes. Letting more sun in also helps dry up any wet spots. If your lawn has uneven terrain or divots, fill them with topsoil and plant grass seed. Left alone, any dips will collect water during each rainfall and provide a potential breeding ground.

Mosquitoes Be Gone

We at The Mosquito Guy have heard this complaint numerous times from our clients and we offer a viable solution – The Mosquito Guy Barrier Spray. Our professionally trained and licensed technicians can spray any wedding venue to ensure that there are no mosquitoes and unhappy guests. Our technicians know that the most sensitive area for a reception or ceremony is where the guests will be spending the majority of their time. By paying close attention to these areas, will ensure that no bugs can bother your guests. Aside from the main areas, our professionals will do a complete sweep of the venue – targeting mosquito nesting places such as; trees, shrubbery, bushes, hedges, grass, well-lit areas, and around any body of water. In controlling these areas, The Mosquito Guy assures a mosquito-free time.

Get Rid of Your Mosquitos

Don’t let these annoying and harmful insects ruin your wedding. Stop the itch and help rid your backyard of mosquitoes, fleas, and ticks today. The best way for you to attain mosquito control is to hire The Mo-squito Guy and sign up for our mosquito control services and while you’re at it you mine as well protect you and your loved ones from ticks as well and get your yard sprayed with our tick control services as well.

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