The most common disease carried by the deer tick in New England is Lyme disease. Winter weather is usually freezing and snowy for a long enough period of time to keep deer ticks from showing up. This year we can expect to see Lyme disease showing up in late spring and throughout the summer and fall months. Ticks are typically active any time the temperature is above 40 degrees and there is not dense snow cover.

What can I do to avoid tick bites?

After you have been hiking or kids have been plating in brushy areas or in the woods, check yourself and family for ticks. Look in all the nooks and crannies, including your armpits, you’d be surprised,  and in your hair. Adult deer ticks are hard to find; nymphal deer ticks are even smaller and look like freckles with legs. If you want to rid your yard of ticks and the chance of getting Lyme Disease call the The Mosquito Guy Today. We have a 5 star review status on google and specialize in Tick Control Services and Mosquito Control Services in Massachusetts and Rhode Island.

What to do if you find a tick on you?

Get some tweezers to grasp the tick at its head where it is embedded in the skin, pull with gentle, steady pressure then flush it down the toilet. You could also try the new craze of peppermint oil in which the tick will just release itself. Clean that spot with soap and water. If the tick is not puffy and full of blood when you remove it, this means you got it in time. In order to pass on Lyme disease, the tick must be attached to you for about 48 hours. Only about 40 percent of deer ticks in Massachusetts carry the Lyme bacteria, so most tick bites here will not give you Lyme if you are bitten.

What should I do after getting a tick bite?

Keep a close eye on the bite. If you have redness and itching that comes on quickly after you remove the tick, it is an allergic reaction to the tick saliva. Seven to 14 days later, if you develop a round red rash that expands, it could be a Lyme disease rash and you should see your doctor as soon as possible.

Should I see my doctor right after a tick bite for preventive antibiotics?

As we are not doctors here at the The Mosquito Guy we recommend you call your trusted doctor for more information immediately if you feel you need to. He may be able to tell you if the tick is in fact carrying Lyme Disease and may be able to provide you an antibiotic.

What are symptoms of Lyme disease?

Some people experience fever, aches, sweats, and low energy in addition to the round red rash that typically comes with it. If the illness remains untreated for a few weeks, it may cause multiple red rashes and fever and can eventually cause infections in the heart tissue, spinal fluid, and joints. However, even at these later stages, Lyme is completely curable with antibiotics.

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